Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Blog You Must See

I absolutely love to cook and before I had my second and third babies, my husband and I would hang out in the kitchen and cook together.  If it was after a certain time of day(which I will not specify here) we would share a bottle of wine or two and talk for hours.  With three kids I find it a little more difficult to spend a great deal of time in there, but I do get inspiration from some fabulous blogs pretty regularly.

I knew I would feature Kathie's blog from the minute I decided to do "Feature Blogs".  Just last year, she started culinary school and I would venture a guess that she is at the top of her class.  She is crazy talented and the recipes there are even great for normal people, like me.  She manages to always make yummies with her two beautiful babies around, but I always find her blog makes me WANT to cook more and that makes me happy.

Pop on over to and get some inspiration for yourself!  Today she posted the recipe for this delicious Chicken and Dumplings!

Thanks Kathie!!!

PS - I know that I am supposed to do Feature TUESDAYS... but since we had a holiday on Monday, this is my Tuesday.  At least that is my rationale for being a day behind!

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