About Me

Hi! I am so glad that you stopped in.  My name is Helen and Midtown Chic Boutique is little line of clothing and other pretty things I love to create.  I am a mom to three wonderful kiddos and a wife to a super guy.  I have two fantastic boys and a sweet baby girl.  We have lived all over, but if you really want an answer I will tell you I am from Atlanta, GA and Tampa, FL.  My kids inspire me to do fun things.  I found my inner crafty several years ago and it has grown into a passion for me.  I can't imagine not doing it!

I created this blog so that people can connect with me and see all the things that I really love to do.  You will find all kinds of things here; stories about my life, links to other peoples fabulous blogs, crafts for fun, crafts for your home, crafts for your little ones, crafts just for you... Most of all I hope you find inspiration.  Inspiration to have fun or be crafty or have fun AND be crafty.  I know I am always inspired by all of my dear friends who share their craftiness with me and I hope I can do that for you.

Hope to see you back here soon!