Monday, February 21, 2011

Hide and Go Seek!

It's an oldie, but a goodie!  I don't know anybody who didn't love to play Hide and Go Seek when they were little and my kids are no exception.  The problem - it's a little chilly for an outside game of hide and seek.  SO, we have adapted.  We started this game around Christmas and there hasn't been a weekend since then that my children haven't badgered us to play.

The game - Flashlight Hide and Go Seek!  It's pretty simple, but I will review the rules for us old folks.  This is a game for evening/night time.  I should add that this is convenient in the winter months since it is dark around here by 5PM.

1)Everybody gets a flashlight.
2)We have a multi-level home and an "almost" 2 year-old playing, so we limit our game to one floor for safety.  I recommend it if you have stairs.
3)Then pick a person to count and then everyone else hides.  That covers the rules!

We take turns counting and hiding.  We have even suckered out house guests into playing and I am pretty sure they had a great time!

A few funny moments that I will share with you:
- Aidan actually hid in a drawer and it took quite a while to find him - there are only 4 bedrooms and 2 baths up there!
- Nicholas can't stop giggling long enough to stay hidden.
- Emma will totally rat you out if she knows where you are OR if she is hiding with you and when YOU find HER she hops and says "I pound youuuu"!
- Last, but not least - it took a few tries for the kids to realize that they should turn OFF the flashlights once they found a hiding place!

I would love to share photos with you, but, well.... it's DARK!  It would just be photos of darkness and some lights in the hallway.  We do have one fear.  We are pretty sure that one day the neighbors will see the lights and think that someone has broken into the house and they will end up calling the police.  That will be in this blog one day!

Gooooo... give it a try!  It's really fun and it's something new to do while it is cold outside!  Let me know if you play.  I am sure you will all have some great stories to share.

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  1. What fun! This would send Miller into the world's biggest tizzy. He obsessively hunts flashlight beams!